What types of colors do you use?

We use a mix of natural colorants and non-petroleum-based synthetics. Our micas are sourced from certified ethical sources. Many are not, and it is very hard to trace from the source so many suppliers just don’t share that information, child labor is prevalent in the industry so we only source from vendors who offer certification of an ethical supply chain.

What type of fragrances do you use?

We have a line of soaps made with essential oils only. These soaps are a smaller size and are not very intricate. Essential oils all come from natural sources.

We also have a line of "fancy soap". These primarily use fragrance oils. Fragrance oils can be a blend of natural essential oils, nature identical, and synthetic ingredients. The fragrance oils we use are ALL phthalate free and not on the California prop 65 list.

We only source from suppliers who share material data safety sheets and then check those to be sure usage rates are safe for skin as well as environmental safety factors are what we feel comfortable with.

We also prefer to source from suppliers who offer "clean fragrances", when this is not available we do our own research.

What type of oils do you use in your soap, and is your soap vegan?

We primarily use olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and castor oil. Sometimes we use only coconut oil, like when we make salt bars. We occasionally use cocoa butter and sweet almond oil, too!

We do not use palm-based products ingredients although you can source sustainable palm we choose not too because even the sustainable stuff has some controversy around it.
Most of our soaps are vegan, we occasionally use local dairy milk, yogurt, or honey and this will always be reflected on the ingredients and indicated on the website.
Everything we make is vegetarian.

Additionally, our lip balms and lotion bars use locally sourced beeswax.

Do you list all of your ingredients?

Yes, all of our products are clearly marked with the ingredients used on the label and they are also listed on the website.

What type of packaging do you use?

All of our products are packaged in plastic-free packaging that is either made from recycled materials or easily recyclable and/or compostable.

From paperboard containers for our balms and lotion sticks to sustainably produced and harvested paper for our soap labels. Our sticky labels are made from recycled paper and some items are wrapped in aluminum foil which can be recycled easily.
The bags we use at markets are made from recycled paper and we hope you will reuse several times before recycling or composting!

During production, we attempt to limit plastic, sometimes it is not possible because of outside suppliers and we recycle as much as we can. The one single-use item that we can't figure out how to resolve is gloves. We need to wear them for safety when making soap, the reusable ones don't work/fit as well. We hope to find a solution to this soon.